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Afternoon Tea & Bingo - Friday 23rd February, 1pm to 3pm

Afternoon Tea & Bingo - Friday 23rd February, 1pm to 3pm

The afternoon started with a lunch of sandwiches and scones smothered in jam and clotted cream washed down with hot tea. New friends were made and much laughter heard. Thank you to you Gill for organising the fun raffle raising valuable funds for the Community Centre - I think most attendees walked away with a prize.

Once the food was cleared away, the real fun began with our much loved bingo. Thank you to Joe Bright for his excellent bingo calling skills, I am still laughing now at a few of his calls. I hope you will all agree it was a fun few hours and an excellent way to welcome into the weekend.

Additional thanks goes to the volunteers and my friends for helping with the food and drinks.

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Written by Lucy Armstrong and published on 13 March 2024.
Last edited on 13 March 2024.
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