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Interest Talk - Hampshire Search and Rescue, 17 October 2023

Interest Talk - Hampshire Search and Rescue, 17 October 2023

A huge thank you to Trevor Vidler, a volunteer with Hampshire Search and Rescue for delivering a fascinating talk today on the wide range of tasks that this voluntary group/charity get involved in. We were left in awe at the dedication and skillset of the many volunteers that assist across Hampshire. Thank you to Trevor and all the volunteers for this invaluable service that you provide 365 days a year.

In his closing remarks, Trevor informed us about the Herbert Protocol, a new initiative, being launched by HANTSAR in Hampshire, that will ensure that you are well prepared for an unanticipated emergency. It is particularly relevant to those who care for friends and family at home and those who work with vulnerable people in various residential settings. The hub of the initiative is the “Life History Questionnaire”. This is where a record can be made of a range of background information about the person cared for. It is retained in a safe place so that it is immediately available to police and search teams in the event that the person goes missing. For more information and a copy of the questionnaire, please look at their website: Herbert Protocol – Hampshire Search & Rescue (

If you are interested in donating to this charity or getting involved in the work that they do, further information can be found on their website: Hampshire Search & Rescue – Searching for vulnerable missing people across Hampshire (

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Written by Lucy Armstrong and published on 17 October 2023.
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